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Hawaiian Palm Baskets
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Hawaiian Palm Baskets are handmade by me, Amy Christmas and my husband Ron, here on Kauai. We have been creating and perfecting them for 16 years. The baskets are assembled from a wealth of recycled local plant materials, the primary elements coming from an array of local palms.
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Our mission is to create superb artisan fruit spreads using the abundance of produce grown by Kauai's local, sustainable farmers. We take pleasure creating memorable experiences by utilizing simple ingredients. Our jams are seasonal, so please check in often as new batches are introduced.
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Tasting Kauai is for those who live to eat. It’s for the adventurous soul who craves a taste of local culture; the sensual eater who rejoices in the juiciness of perfectly ripe fruit, the springy crumb of well made bread, the tang of fresh cheese, or the clean taste of the ocean, presented on a plate.